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Happy Hour Returns to the State of Illinois

HAPPY HOUR RETURNS TO STATE OF ILLINOISThe State of Illinois passed the  Culinary and Hospitality Modernization Act sponsored by State Representative Sara Feigenholtz on July …
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Micro and Shared Spaces Take Off in Lakeview East

(Pictured: VP Organic Salon at 3125 N Broadway) Article By: Ariel Cheung"EAST LAKEVIEW — When you've got 4 percent of the city's buying power in a half-percent of its area, people are going to …
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Two New Businesses Open in Lakeview East

Article By: Ashok SelvamLAKEVIEW— It took three years, but Chinatown favorite Lure Izakaya is returning today. They've set up shop inside the former Macku Signature space. Status: Soft opening …
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Nettelhorst Principal Steps Down to Mentor Future CPS Leaders

Article By: Ariel Cheung"LAKEVIEW — After eight years, a principal that oversaw the skyrocketing success of Nettelhorst Elementary School is stepping down July 15.Cindy Wulbert is leaving …
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Wrigley Field Expands their Food and Drink Offerings, Including Hot Dougs

Article By: Josh McGhee"On Friday morning, the Chicago Cubs unveiled a new lineup of concessions at Wrigley Field with a familiar face in the mix: beloved sausage king Hot Doug, who announced that …
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Bobtail Ice Cream Company Featured on Chicago Eater

Article By: Daniel Gerzina, Brett Hickman, Jeffy Mai, and Ashok Selvam"Whether you're looking for an adventure, a hot new restaurant to try, or just a new brunch option, here are some noteworthy or …
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After Pride Parade, biggest question: Will it stay put?

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Nando's Peri-Peri Among the Top 13 New Bars and Restaurants - Spring 2015

Article By: Kailley Lindman"The Blackhawks’ dynasty-clinching Stanley Cup win isn’t the only good fortune that’s fallen on Chicago this spring, we’ve also welcomed dozens of great new …
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