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Lakeview Dad Taps International Street Artists for Nettelhorst Murals

By: Erica Demerest

"When kids come back to The Nettelhorst School next month, they'll be greeted by bright new murals from well-known street artists — thanks to a local dad.

Jeremiah Ketner, a Lakeview painter with two sons in Nettelhorst, said he first set his sights on a play area behind the elementary school when he took his kids to class each day.

"This fence was just falling apart," Ketner said. "All this brick was falling off. I got sick of looking at it."

So Ketner — who had already painted doors and wooden panels at the school in 2012 — asked if he could do a little more.

He enlisted international street artists (and pals) JC Rivera and Chema Skandal, and the trio made three new murals: two in a paved play area behind the school, and one out front at 3252 N. Broadway."

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East Lakeview People Spots Have Free Wi-Fi Through October

By: Erica Demarest

"Two new "people spots" have popped up on Clark Street, and they'll both have free Wi-Fi through October.

The public areas at 2863 and 2914 N. Clark St. each extend about six feet into the street and run 40 feet long. Visitors will find seating, planters and free Wi-Fi signals.

Both Lakeview spots are sponsored by the Special Service Tax Area No. 8, run by the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce."

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Lakeview Orchestra to Hold Auditions for Strings, Winds and Brass

By: Erica Demarest

"Play an instrument? The Lakeview Orchestra might be looking for you.

The local orchestra, which focuses on classical music and community engagement, has open seats in the strings, winds and brass sections."

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Stage 773 Launches Education Program with Acting, Dance, Branding Classes

By: Erica Demarest

"If you've ever wanted to act, fire dance, or take a really good headshot, Stage 773 may soon be the place to go.

The Lakeview theater at 1225 W. Belmont Ave. is launching its first education and programming series this fall.

Both professional actors and folks looking for a new hobby can sign up for classes ranging from career development to basic acting skills.

We are filling a gap in the Chicago theater education world that is so needed," creative director Brian Posen said. "There are so few options of really high quality acting meat-and-potato classes."

The current fall lineup includes mime, slapstick and vocal coaching. Classic and advanced scene study and script analysis are also in the works."

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Lakeview East Chamber Of Commerce Announces The Addition Of Two People Spots To Lakeview East At 2863 And 2914 N. Clark St.

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2863 AND 2914 N. CLARK ST.

Two Beautifully Aesthetic Public Gathering Spaces and Art Pieces are Open Through October on the East and West Side of Clark Street and Feature Bistro Tables, Green Space, Lively Plants and Free Public WiFi

CHICAGO —The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the launch of their pop-up public gathering space and art piece, People Spots, available now through October at 2863 and 2914 N. Clark St. Two sites on the east and west side of the street host two unique People Spots, each containing fixed seating areas of various styles, bistro tables, chairs and strong public WiFi signals. For more information on the People Spots and campaign in general, please visit www.LakeviewEast.com.

In 2013, the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce and Special Service Area #8 (SSA #8) launched the Clark Street Task Force, a community-driven strategic planning process to develop concepts for the improvement of the Clark Street Corridor. Residents, business owners, and property owners were surveyed with a top priority being an increase in the amount of nearby pedestrian gathering space through People Spots. Participants viewed People Spots as a way of activating a welcoming public space in the corridor without the attendant costs and disruption of traditional construction.

The two unique, 6 ft. x 40 ft. installations are designed separately by Katherine Darnstadt of Latent Design and Duane Sohl of Sohl. Architect with Gary DeStefano of DCR Builders, LLC. Both were chosen from a request-for-proposal process, with each satisfying the desire for increased public gathering and green space. The green space for each People Spot is installed by Patch Landscaping. Patch also creates and maintains the hanging baskets and planters throughout Lakeview East as well as the “urban oasis garden” located within the annual Lakeview East Festival of the Arts (September 13 and 14, 2014).

Darnstadt’s People Spot, dubbed “Color Guard” and placed on the east side of Clark St. at 2863 N. Clark St., is comprised of large-diameter PVC pipe installed as a perimeter planter fence. Each pipe is painted in one of four colors, creating a pattern that continues across the deck of the People Spot and onto the sidewalk. Fixed seating areas, also made from PVC, allow for various types of seating styles from lounging to group conversation.

Sohl’s People Spot, located on the west side of Clark St. at 2914 N. Clark St., is comprised of 14 metal perimeter planters with artwork. Framed art panels, which appear on each perimeter section both outside and inside the People Spot, create an engaging public art space on Clark Street. Cable rails between the perimeters allow air flow and add visual interest. Colorful plantings surround the bistro tables and chairs, offering a festive and inviting space for pedestrians to enjoy.

Though a comprehensive rethinking of the corridor is well underway based on feedback from the strategic planning process, the People Spots provide immediate place-making benefits for those who live, work, dine, and shop nearby.

The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the launch of their pop-up public gathering space and art piece People Spots, available now through October at 2863 and 2914 N. Clark St. Two sites on the east and west side of the street host the two unique People Spots, each containing fixed seating areas of various styles, bistro tables, chairs and strong public WiFi signals. For more information on the People Spots and campaign in general, please visit www.LakeviewEast.com.

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Cram Fashion Named one of CBS Chicago's Best Stores For Swimsuits!

CBS Chicago has named Cram Fashion one of Chicago's Best Stores for Swimsuits!

Located in the Lakeview neighborhood, this men’s boutique features hip and trendy apparel and accessories. Top designers like Andrew Christian, Penguin, Diesel and much more is offered at Cram Fashion. There is an extensive swimwear and active wear section that caters solely to men. Unlike other stores that have a very limited selection for men, Cram Fashion is a boutique that can even make those who hate shopping into fans.

3331 N. Broadway St.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 477-1737

From: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/top-lists/best-stores-for-swimsuits-in-chicago/

Wrigley Field Renovation Plan Approved by Landmarks Commission

By Ted Cox

"After the Commission on Chicago Landmarks unanimously approved a $575 million wide-ranging, expanded plan to renovate Wrigley Field Thursday with two video boards and five outfield signs, Mayor Rahm Emanuel urged the team to continue to negotiate with the owners of rooftop clubs.

"The plan approved today for Wrigley Field is a step forward for the Cubs and the neighborhood," Emanuel said in a statement. "Not only does it uphold the architectural heritage of the stadium that Chicagoans can enjoy, but will generate thousands of jobs."

Read the full article at DNAinfo.com.

Chicago Independent Bookstore Day

By Patty Wetli

"Chicago's indie bookstores haven't just survived the rise and fall of big box booksellers, they're thriving — and throwing a party to celebrate.

Saturday's inaugural Chicago Independent Bookstore Day — think Record Store Day only with, you know, books — will feature giveaways, author readings, discounts and a bit of a scavenger hunt.

"We want to expand people's horizons of what independent bookstores are," said Stefan Moorehead, manager and book buyer at Lakeview's Unabridged Bookstore, 3251 N. Broadway, who spearheaded the effort."

Read the full article at DNAinfo.com.

Pride Parade Crackdown: Police to Target Rooftop, Balcony Parties

By: Erica Demarest

"LAKEVIEW — If you're planning a party on your roof to celebrate Sunday's Pride parade, you might want to change venues.

Police are warning Lakeview residents they'll be cracking down on rooftop and balcony parties during the annual parade.

"If a roof has a party area or similar designated area, that is fine," Town Hall Cmdr. Elias Voulgaris said Tuesday. "We don't want individuals gathering on a roof that is not designated to have parties or occupants."

Earlier this week, police sent residents a letter that said:

"... rooftop parties will not be allowed on the parade route during the Pride Parade or after the parade on June 29, 2014. In addition, balconies and porches will not be occupied past capacity and items are not to be thrown from balconies and porches onto the street. This will be strictly enforced."

Four buildings inspectors will be on site Sunday "to help ensure the safety of spectators on porches, balconies and rooftops," according to a city Buildings Department spokeswoman, who noted the Pride parade inspections happen every year."

Read the full article here.

Pride Parade 2014: Street Closures, CTA Reroutes, Tow Zones, $1,000 Fines

By: Erica Demarest 

"LAKEVIEW — The 45th annual Pride Parade kicks off Sunday at noon.

Organizers said the parade — which runs through Uptown, Lakeview and Lincoln Park — will last three hours and attract anywhere from 800,000 to 1 million people. Police are targeting public drinking with fines up to $1,000."

Find more details here.

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