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9 Upcoming Chicago Restaurants to Try

LAKEVIEW EAST -Budlong their new Lakeview location, where Bunny The Micro Bakery once served foie gras toast. They've got seating for about 20 inside. The grand opening remains May 17.

LAKEVIEW— Crepe Town is done in Lakeview at 3915 N. Sheridan Road, and will be replaced by Burger Hub, reported DNAinfo. There's no opening timeline, but Burger Hub also has a West Ridge location.

LAKEVIEW— There's not a lot of details, but it looks a new restaurant has taken over Jitlada Thai House, 3715 N. Halsted St. It's called Earth's Kitchen. There's little information, except an Instagram account saying they'll serve Japanese-American fusion food.

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Budlong Nashville Hot Chicken Coming to Lakeview East

 Nashville Chicken "Budlong" will be taking over the Mico Bunny space along Broadway! See article
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Best Brunch and Breakfast Spots in Lakeview

Lakeview is known for attracting all sorts of characters, and its breakfast and brunch scene is just as diverse as its residents. With the lake only a few blocks away, many head for a lakeshore stroll after their meal to recharge for the rest of the day.Mortar and PestleIt’s easy to see why Mortar and [...]
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Free Comic Book Day 2016

CHICAGO — Where are you going for Free Comic Book Day?The 15th edition of the national event is taking place Saturday in comic book stores across America.Fifty types of specially made comic books — including new issues of Archie, Bob's Burgers and The Tick and Marvel's Civil War — will be given for free to [...]
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Chicago's Best Outdoor Bars

The time to enjoy rooftops, sidewalk cafes, patios, beer gardens and any chair you can find outdoors is here. In A-Z order, here are a few to check out this summer. Neighborhood and the type of outdoor space is noted in parenthesis.Dryhop Brewers (Lakeview / Patio)3155 N. BroadwayChicago, ILwww.dryhopchicago.comClark Street Dog & Bar (Lakeview)3040 North [...]
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Lakeview East Residents' Favorite Spots

"Lakeview is a massive neighborhood, but that doesn't stop residents from knowing their favorite burgerspots, craft beer bars and coffee shops. We talked to some people who call the neighborhood home and had them tell us all about the Lakeview locales that you can't afford to miss.1. Bar Pastoral/Pastoral. We're biased, what can we say? [...]
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The Best Upscale Gyms in Chicago

"Does spending more money on a swank gym membership translate to more calories burned? We're not convinced that fitness needs to cost more than the price of a decent pair of athletic shoes and the time it takes to do pushups and burpies until we puke.But sometimes we want the extra motivation and the perks [...]
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Bunny, The Micro-Bakery Closes for Good

"LAKEVIEW — After just four months, the critically beloved Bunny, the microbakery, has closed for good.The bakery at 2928 N. Broadway closed "for a bit" last week for repairs, but owner Iliana Regan expected to reopen soon after. On Tuesday, though, Bunny's website switched its message from "closed temporarily" to simply "closed."Tellingly, a Sunday email [...]
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Chicago's Favorite Cash Only Establishments

Some restaurants have made the big switch and started accepting credit cards because guests wanted the change, technology has advanced and they needed to move forward with the times.Of course, not every restaurant agrees, and there are still a ton of places where your credit card is no good.Here are a few cash-only holdouts around [...]
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Best Chicago Restaurants - Bunny, The Micro Bakery

"Bunny, The Micro BakeryLakeview EastWhat Iliana Regan's (Elizabeth) aptly named counter-service shop lacks in size, it makes up for with bold, inventive, and exceptionally photogenic eats. Treat yourself (and Instagram, because photos or it didn't happen, right?) to foie gras toast that's almost too pretty to eat, whiskey-infused donuts, house-made cereals with nut milk, and [...]
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